Wednesday, June 20, 2012

04162012 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Started 3:02PM

Laura will get back to the google docs that were passed around after the symposium is over.

Discussion about information that Bill supplied via email prior to this meeting. He is proposing that we take advantage of the opportunity to do some PR via documentary about how internet access was provided to such isolated areas. Start with DANC, move on to SLIC, final home usage and what effect it has on the area. Business, church, homes. Show a before and after. Use this documentary to help promote other needs and/or demonstrate the benefits overall to the efforts. Time is critical at the moment since the project is already in progress with completion expected some time this summer.

This would dovetail nicely with the possible state initiative to bring broadband to underserved areas.

Discussed the possible opportunity to have this be student project at Clarkson. Links with the forever wired initiative at Clarkson.

Dave at DANC thinks it should be a realistic view of what is going on and tone sure to include cost differences involved in rural areas. Laura suggested this might be a good piece for public television. How might we attract the attention of someone to do that story. Carrie thinks the student project might lead into that.

Laura and Kevin will reach out to the communications department at Clarkson and start there and see what path that might suggest.

Possible that SLIC and DANC could fund this if it is done an education piece that could be rolled into the stimulus grant.

Are we looking for a very high end professional solution or more of a grass roots feel, lower production costs.

By June we should try to have a plan in place since we do not meet in May due to the symposium.

Symposium update from Laura. Everything is coming along very nicely. Agenda is set. We need to take a look at the schedule and decide who is moderating which session. All have volunteered to be assigned by Laura.

There will be a dinner with the keynote. Where should we do this? Pat suggested the 1844 house as good food. Suggested that everyone pay their own way. Get them to have a prix fixe menu to make it easier for individuals to pay their share. Who do we invite? Board members. What about others? If we know someone that should be invited let Laura know. President of Clarkson would be a good gesture. Possible invites to supporters of the conference and not make them pay for their dinner.

We have 2 more exhibiters than we had last year. Revenue is on target. Payment has been on time. The entire process has worked well this year. Registration number is around 90 plus 35 exhibiter registrations. We would like it to be a bit more but more are still coming in. Some promo material is just getting out which may get us some more.

We got some feedback from the mailing that Pat did from people outside the County which suggests we may be a good focal point for this information. This year we have some registrations from outside the local area. Our reach has extended a bit.

Laura will put out a press release about the award to Colton-Pierrepont school.

Networking reception ideas. We had previously discussed ideas of how to make this part of the day more enticing or fun. There will be appreciation items for presenters this year. Something small, local, and interesting. This year we will be all in one people including the "bar" for after the event. There will be an artisan workshop as well.

Drawing for some sort of prize. Kindle, something like that. What method to enter? Trivia search using the vendors. Sort of like a treasure hunt that creates interaction with vendors. Laura will have vendors supply the question and answer they would like. We could also ask the vendors if they would like to contribute a prize. This will be on a volunteer basis. Last year we did raffle tickets.

Do we need help with registration. Starting early. 7:30AM. We need volunteers for the early morning check in. Student labor will be used for this as well. Be good if some of us are able to get there for 7:15AM.

Flyers and posters are available for us to take and put up.

Old business.

Timeline is not done yet and will be shelved until after the symposium.

Laura did talk with Karen. Laura conveyed that as a board we were interested in an increased level of participation from the county with the board. This was the case early on but has fallen off. Karen was not aware that no one from the county was attending our meetings. Karen is the driver behind the enterprise software that was purchased. She indicated that it will solve everything they are having trouble with. Laura went to the county board meeting and talked about what we were doing. She extended free registration to all county employees and followed up with Karen and Chair the next day. We have received 2 registrations out of 800+ employees.

We might consider adobe connect as a way to have meeting without all having to be in the same location. Google hang outs is free and we could try that. Make an attempt to avoid all the traveling time. We will try Junes meeting this way.

Local Gov't conference is October 9th. Will discuss in June.

Meeting adjourned 4:18PM=

Monday, June 18, 2012

6/21/2012 Meeting Agenda

St. Lawrence County
Information Technology Advisory Board
Meeting Agenda
3:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: We will meet via web conference only.  Meeting room link and audio details below.  If you are unable to access the meeting via the web, please contact me for alternative arrangements.

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Standing Agenda Items:
1.                   Welcome New Committee Members & Meeting Attendees
2.                   Questions/Comments from minutes of 4/19/2012 meeting – (forthcoming) (No May meeting)
3.                   Featured Guest:  None
4.                   Proposed Documentary Project Update – Bill Hunter
5.                   North Country Technology Symposium  2012 – Outcomes
Review data from feedback survey here:
6.                   Old Business
County Communications
New Board Member Appointments
7.                   New Business
2012 Assessment – What will we focus on for the remainder of this year?
Go to the 2012 Goals  document the committee drafted in March:

Next regular meeting 7/19/2012 at 3pm.  Location: TBA

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3/15/2012 Meeting Minutes

20120315 Meeting notes

Working session with google docs.

Ideas for strategic planning.
Was pointed out at last meeting by Carrie that we should probably revisit our planning goals.
Kevin: Had an interesting discussion about digital citizenship at emerging tech. meeting. Colton is using google chrome books for instance. Is this something that this group should get involved with at a county level. Could we send out information to local ISPs to do a mailing with regard to digital literacy to there customers. Carrie: We are doing some of this but perhaps we could make workshops for some of these sorts of topics. Laura: Her experience is that providers are always looking to deliver content information to new or current users. If they can see how this would add value they might be interested in it. Bill: Clifton-Fine, still in the dark ages. When SLIC comes through how do we get people up to speed with help to make the best use of these technologies? Kevin: Digital citizenship can be very scary, we should be sure to focus on some of the positives. Maybe have a community forum.

Carrie: DANC has done a couple of small projects each year to get net access to various places. This committee could help identify projects for build out to work with DANC. List together that is available when funds are available. Our group could help put this list together.

Marc: What about our initial thrust about helping coordinate the supply of broadband from a county level?
Laura: Stimulus package has filled our initial concerns with access issues. We should perhaps shift more towards adoption issues. Kevin: We should make sure that we are right on top of any new funding and build out. Bill: Clifton-Fine will include build out to surrounding communities which will help the entire parks area. Kevin: Clarkson is launching an ADK semester. Students will have different projects to work on, some of those projects could include the adoption education role.

Carrie: Our role to continue to track service is still needed. Useful to have ongoing surveys somehow. Laura: Phil was planning to share some of their network build plans once funding goes through. Carrie: DANC will also help with this.

Carrie: What is our role with the county at this date? Still many questions not answered about what the county bought for software. We only know what was in the paper. Dave: We should be a little more involved as a resource. Laura: Made a call but has not had a return call. Carrie: One goal should be working on defining or re-establishing our relationship with the county. Carrie is working on a GIS shared services grant with 3 counties. There is county support for this grant. There is opportunity in the county to do more and save money. Kevin: Has talked with IBM about doing for example a hosted finance system that any county could buy in to as a shared service. Basically an APP store for local government. Carrie: This gets at the counties technology plan, which they do not have. We should ask the county what their technology plan actually is at this point or do they even have one.

Want to make this non-threatening. Who should meet with Karen? Perhaps Carrie, Jen, and Laura. Kevin: Remind Karen that the phone system acquisition was a good example of how we could work effectively with the county. Laura: We do not have any relationship with the county at this point. Kevin: We should request a copy of the contract and details about the software purchase. Just so we know what it is and how we might explain it to those that ask us at the local level. Kevin: Perhaps we could ask them how we can help them maximize that investment. ERP programs have a very low total success rate.

We used to have county employees on the board, that is not true any longer.

Marc: Maybe we could each contact our local rep. to put pressure on them to find a way to deal with our board. Group: Put together a cohesive set of talking points so that we can each approach our legislator with clear questions.

Dave: What if we tried a most wired local government contest? Maybe this will spur something. Could we do this as a contest. We would need an incentive. Perhaps the most in need.

Laura: Bob Penske is in contact with Blair (Speaker from Ottawa last year) they feel we have a mutual interest in technology. Coordinate a series of meetings and have representatives from our area go to Ottawa to see some of the activities that go on there to start building a relationship. Who could make up that group? Identify the key players from major industry segments to start this dialogue. Kevin: Reintroduce our field trips. We could start with Peyton Hall. Peyton Hall is going to come and do a panel though this might be slightly different message.

Kevin: There is a move to put a childrens museum in Potsdam. Some interesting things could be done with this. Something to keep in mind. Goes back to strategic plan and getting kids immersed in technology. Speaks to adaption.

Went over the symposium agenda.

Laura suggest nominating Colton Central School for the SPIRIT award.

Meeting adjourned 5PM.

4/19/2012 Meeting Agenda

St. Lawrence County
Information Technology Advisory Board
Meeting Agenda
3:00 PM

2nd Fl Conference Rm, Human Services Bldg, 80 State Highway 310, Canton, NY 13617-1496

For attendees joining by Conference Call (please RSVP to if you intend to call):
1-605-475-4825, access code: 432592#

Standing Agenda Items:
1.                   Welcome New Committee Members & Meeting Attendees
2.                   Questions/Comments from minutes of 3/15/2012 meeting – (forthcoming)
3.                   Featured Guest:  None
4.                   Proposed Documentary Project – Bill Hunter
5.                   North Country Technology Symposium – LOTS TO REPORT!
                                                               i.      SPIRIT Award –
                                                             ii.      EXHIBITORS –  
                                                            iii.      Dinner with Key Note
                                                           iv.      Networking Reception

6.                   Old Business
Communications with Administrator
New Board Member Appointments
Wireless Access in the Meeting Room

7.                   New Business

No regular meeting in May because of the Symposium on 5/23/2012.  Next regular meeting 6/21/2012 at 3pm in the 2nd Fl Conference Rm, Human Services Bldg, 80 State Highway 310, Canton, NY 13617-1496

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2/16/2012 Meeting Minutes

20120216 Meeting notes

Meeting called to order at 3:03PM
(month 2 without wifi internet access at our meetings. nudge, nudge.)

Email distribution list needs to be updated.

We still have four open slots on the board. We may have to advertise for possible members. Laura is trying to find out if there are possible interested parties on file. Pat suggested that Brian Coakley  might be interested.

20 plus people at the last tech presentation. Good attendance. What was apparent that different needs drive different decisions. Important to keep in mind. Laura got some good suggestions for future topics. She will get those posted.

Colton school distract is dealing with using technology to be a better citizen.

Carrie brought up the idea of a survey to see how students used or had access to broadband access. This has not been done. With the burgeoning interest in this need by the schools this need is becoming increasingly important. Pat points out that schools are using online access for parents to keep track of what is going on at school. Once again, users without broadband access are at a disadvantage. Carrie pointed out that this is an opportunity to highlight the importance of this need in the area. Pat suggested that the schools might band together to do a proper survey on this subject possibly by using BOCES. Jennifer thought that perhaps the information sheets that students are sent home with for information from the household would be a good place to gather data which could then be compiled. Carrie would like to see this happen from a strategic planning point of view. David Wolf pointed out that often times broadband is available but the users do not have a computer, or the means to pay for it. Important to distinguish what the issue is in the home.

The emerging technology sessions presents us with many new contacts for people that we have not encountered to date. Laura set up a linkedin group as a possible means to connect these new comers to us and vice versa. Group is currently by invite only. This is an experiment to see how this forum might be useful. A handful have accepted already.

Jennifer. Schools put a lot of effort into trying to educate people about internet safety and other usage but only those that really do not need the information seem to show up. How do you reach those that need the information the most? There needs to be a public awareness campaign in order to bring attention to the importance of how your digital presence is used by the public at large.

Committee Reports:
Education. Laura emailed BOCES in order to keep in touch and they are still interested in being involved with the symposium. Nothing substantive yet. Might need another member of this committee.

Symposium organization is coming along just fine. DANC and North Country Savings are back on board as sponsors. We should try to think of vendors that might want additional exposure.

Spirit awards. Reminder that if we are going to make this award happen it would happen by the March meeting. If no nominations we will not have any award.

Laura has been working on promotions along with Northern New York Business. They will have an ad for us and we will have others in other places as well. One on one interaction to get presenters has been as effective as anything so far. Local government conference people gave Laura a list of people to add to our mailing list. Laura is considering reaching out to local government to have sessions geared towards the particular needs of these structures. How about someone to discuss what the requirements are for local government agencies need to report and how they might do that. If we can get a couple more ideas for sessions in this area we can develop this as a track. Pat suggested one session could be about the financial auditing that is required by all towns. How to deal with back ups, storage, the financial system in general, data integrity. Carrie suggested that google tools or doodle, dropbox, and others of this genre might be a useful session. Cloud collaboration. Have a regulatory session.

Possibly do a session about New York Alert.

Old business.
Carrie wondered if we have set up any goals or work plan for the upcoming year. To date, we have not. Focusing on symposium. Carrie suggested that it would be helpful if we set some goals/metrics as it would help us with our partners and the county and help measure progress. We could take a portion of a meeting or a meeting to simply focus on a planning session. Have a work session to hammer this out. Maybe we should be doing something else besides events. March meeting will focus on planning for the upcoming year(s).

County did not take us up on our offer to help with new software purchase. County has no head of IT and has just purchased a $700,000 piece of software with a $92,000/year support cost. There is a definite need to get goverment coordinated with tech people to help them make sound financial decisions with regards to technologies.

How do we reach the county to get some accountability for these decisions. Carrie suggested that we need to somehow reach the county administrator. Maybe a private meeting with Karen to explain again what it is this committee is doing and how we can benefit the county.

Maybe we could help facilitate projects for RVRDA funding. Deadline may be in March sometime.

Corning project was funded.

Meeting adjourned at 4:42

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/15/2012 Meeting Agenda

St. Lawrence County
Information Technology Advisory Board
Meeting Agenda
3:00 PM

2nd Fl Conference Rm, Human Services Bldg, 80 State Highway 310, Canton, NY 13617-1496

For attendees joining by Conference Call (please RSVP to if you intend to call):
1-605-475-4825, access code: 432592#

Standing Agenda Items:
1.                   Welcome New Committee Members & Meeting Attendees
2.                   Questions/Comments from minutes of 2/16/2012 meeting – (forthcoming)
3.                   Featured Guest:  None
4.                   Strategic Planning / Board Initiatives Priority Discussion –

5.                   2012 Committee Reports
a.       Education
b.      Emerging Technology Series Committee
c.       North Country Technology Symposium – LOTS TO REPORT!
                                                               i.      SPIRIT Awards – BRING YOUR NOMINATIONS
                                                             ii.      EXHIBITORS – BRING THE NAME/CONTACT INFO of one company that should exhibit this year
                                                            iii.      Hear about promotions, presenters, supporters & more!
6.                   Old Business
Communications with Administrator
New Board Member Appointments
Wireless Access in the Meeting Room

7.                   New Business
$25m for broadband in Cuomo’s budget.  Details?  Project ideas?

Next meeting Thurs., 4/19/2012 at 3pm in the 2nd Fl Conference Rm, Human Services Bldg, 80 State Highway 310, Canton, NY 13617-1496

Remember to check SLC IT Blog –  for meeting minutes, agendas, notes, comments, supporting information, etc.